Quality Guarantee

 We Guarantee our Party Looks Hair Extensions quality and application. If you’re not happy with the quality of hair or application we want to hear about it.  

 After support: 

We want to know that you are still happy with your Party looks virgin hair and application, if you have any questions or problems we want to hear about it.We will do everything in our power to resolve your issue. Party Looks invite you back for a free check-up any time within the first two weeks of having your extensions applied. Every customer should expect to have their Party Looks Virgin hair extensions look and feel just like their own hair for up to if not longer then 12 months with the proper care and maintenance.

Our Hair Story:


If you've ever had hair extensions before or have been researching the internet you would by now be starting know the difference between the good, bad and ugly when it comes to hair extensions quality, method and application. Just like you we have researched, seen and used a tone of different hair and methods of application.We have worked with hair that we have been told is “The best human REMY hair available"  only to be let down when it starts to looking like a bird has nested in our hair overnight. You know what we mean, totally not acceptable right? When you’re working hard to pay for your beautiful makeover you want and expect the best.Because of this we have searched the world to find you the best hair regardless of country of origin ( 95% of Hair you are told is Russian is really not )  at the best possible price, and just so you can absorb even more information before you make your final decision where to purchase your next hair extensions from here is the truth about hair extensions made today. 


What you want to look out for when choosing hair extensions 


  • Remy used to mean all the hair is heading in the same direction. now suppliers use the word regardless of quality

  • If your hairdresser or supplier does not know how the hair was processed it’s probably a good sign of low quality hair

  • Low quality hair has been dropped in an acid bath to remove the cuticle then dropped in a silicone bath to make them shiny and appear healthy looking

  • All hair extensions look and feel great out of a packet it’s after a few washes that you really begin to see how they are going to hold up.


 How real human cuticle hair extensions should look and feel


  • Hair should only have been coloured, no harsh chemicals used

  • Hair should be cut from one person as a pony tail

  • The strands should be a little thicker as 100% of the cuticles will be intact

  • It should last you well over 8 months looking and feeling like your own hair

  • No need to worry about what country it comes from just be concerned about how it was prepared